Our Founder

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Sandy Robs is the founder of Single Parents Association for Christian Education (SPACE) based in Rochester,N.Y. Sandy was born and raised on the beautiful island of Grenada in the Caribbean. She left Grenada in 2000 and moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. Then she left Brooklyn in 2004 and moved to Rochester, N.Y.

With single parenting experience and a passion for God’s Word, Sandy started a Bible study for single parents in 2012. Today, Sandy is the Executive Director of SPACE Ministries, Inc.; and she writes Bible study materials geared specifically to the needs of single parents.

Sandy’s primary vision is to teach single parents the Word of God with purity and simplicity; and encourage them to apply the Word to their everyday life. She believes that through His Word and a relationship with Jesus Christ, single parents can be restored and their lives transformed so they can fulfill their divine purpose.