New Single Parents Ministry Focuses on Experiencing God’s Love Through Studying God’s Word and Fellowship

gods loveBy Lida H. Moore,

Having been a single parent for ten years, the now married Sandy-Ann Robs knows the challenges of raising a child alone, but she also knows the indescribable joy of knowing Jesus Christ and receiving His redeeming love and grace. Through the ministry of the Rochester based Single Parents Association for Christian Education (S.P.A.C.E.), Robs wants to provide a supportive, loving environment for single parents to study God’s Word and fellowship with one another.

S.P.A.C.E. is a brand new nondenominational Bible-based ministry that meets every second Saturday from 1p. m to 3 p.m. at Browncroft Community Church and provides free childcare for single parents as they gather for Bible study and occasional presentations to equip parents on relevant topics such as child safety, nutrition, and family finances, as well as fellowship with each other. The ministry, which is open to any single parent regardless of church or religious affiliation or non affiliation, will include family game time, dessert fellowship, and a summer picnic.

“It’s so important that single parents realize that no matter what they have been through or where they are in their lives, God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them,” said Robs, S.P.A.C.E. ministry leader. “Many times single parents may feel condemnation or judged, and I wanted to create a “space” or community for them to feel safe to talk about their situations and to help them in their spiritual journey.”

Robs said she remembers that before she got married four years ago, it was difficult to attend some church or ministry activities, such as Bible study or Women’s Ministry events, as a single parent because she felt like an outsider, didn’t feel that she fit in, or because of childcare challenges. Through S.P.A.C.E., Robs wants to create a place where single parents feel a sense of belonging in the body of Christ and have opportunities to encourage one another.

“The Lord gave me this vision that there is a need for a ministry that reaches out to single parents from various backgrounds who attend different churches and who may not even attend church,” Robs said. “I believe there is a great need for a ministry that focuses on how God’s Word can help single parents through their unique struggles and bring them comfort and direction.”

Originally from the small island of Grenada, Robs moved to Rochester from Brooklyn ten years ago with her daughter to start a new life, but experienced difficulties and disappointments. One day in 2004 she was opening the mail and discovered a booklet about salvation through Jesus Christ. Robs, who had gone to church off and on as a child, did not know Jesus personally as her Savior and became intensely interested in learning more about Christianity and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long before God opened her eyes to her need for Him, and she decided to give her heart to the Lord.

“I began to look for a church immediately and was really hungry for God’s Word, so I read and studied the Bible all the time,” Robs said. “I discovered how much I loved the Word of God and began to spend a lot of my time in it as I worshipped and attended church services regularly.”

Robs is a member of Calvary Chapel of Webster and has been involved in women’s Bible studies and Vacation Bible School.

Robs founded S.P.A.C.E. in June because God placed it on her heart to share her passion for God’s Word and its healing and strengthening power with single parents that face the same difficulties and struggles she endured when she was raising her child alone.

“I know that God created all of us for a purpose and that the desire I have for studying His Word comes from the Lord,” Robs said. “Now God wants me to share this passion with others who have similar experiences and needs that I had when I was a single parent. My desire is for single parents to be all that God called them to be and to live a full satisfying life as loving parents as they experience the love of God.”

For more information about S.P.A.C.E. and how you can become involved, contact Sandy-Ann Robs at 585-899-9808 or at

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